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Skill Development

Online courses are a perfect tool to get valuable information well documented and described with audio and video by specialists in plastics technology.
In Plexpert eLearning, one can learn about how to use a software, how to control a machine or get basic background to understand processes, as well as how to provide best solution to common injection molding situations.
Every online course comes with a certificate after it is completed.
This can be done anywhere at any time using a smart phone, tablet or PC and is fun.
All lessons of a given course can be used as reference book and will be available for future use.
Take a look to the available courses…

Kistler comoneo course
Xscale introduction course

A free online reference platform for terms and definitions in plastics industry and industrial processes. Pictures and hyperlinked text explain concepts simply and clearly.

On a regular basis, technical information is given in a newsletter that we call Xpress.
You can sign-in to receive helpful tips and tricks as well as information about new technologies.
In Xpress, technical data is compressed for one trending topic at a time to provide know-how.

To get young people excited about plastics technology we have developed a nice and fun educational free game for Android.
Learning more about the terms used in the plastic industry becomes fun.
Starting simple, it truly becomes a challenge and it will show how good images and terms can be memorized.
Visit the Google Play Store and install this entertaining casual game.

Although electronic information is accessible fast, there are many topics that can be understood best in a book.

Like in e-Learning courses, one chapter follows the other and lead from basic information to more sophisticated data.

Experts from all over the world share their experience and knowledge in paper and e-books that can be found in our online shop.

Check what is there for you.

Once in a while we create molds that are used for internal tests.
This is done to understand more about different processes or the behavior of plastic material.
Some molds are used to test interaction with available hardware and software.
Sustainability is a major topic in all of our work.
This is why we lend available molds to schools and universities so that training and tests can be done.
See which molds are available and learn more about how to get one.