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Beyond Simulation

Get holistic simulation that empowers your projects

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Platics SIM for Android

Upgrade your part and mold design with a variety of handy tools in just one app!

Xscale Software

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Understanding Injection Molding

Simulation – Evaluation – Implementation – Validation


For you, we develop a range of products and services that will serve you all along the process chain of your injection molding production.

With this you will save raw material, energy, time and money!

Plexpert Simulation


Up to 70% of the total process costs are determined by the design of parts and molds.
This is why it is vital to use simulation tools in order to:

• Reduce material usage
• Save energy
• Ensure short cycle time
• Produce high quality

If you want to do simulation by yourself or if you look for a service provider – we are the right partner for you.
Let’s take a closer look or directly ask for a simulation for your current project.

First results after 1-2 working days

Plexpert Industrialization


Today more than ever, the term stands for rapid change in our daily work.
Digitization in all its facets, from IoT to machine learning and artificial intelligence, is shaping the future.
We understand the entire process chain of creating plastic parts.
You can use our soft- and hardware along each step in the process chain to make your life easier.
Take your time to learn more about this..

Skill Development


To get most out of new technologies we need to learn continuously.
This can be done in classroom events, personal trainings or online courses.
Each form of training has its merits.
Even though our main focus is set on individual online courses we offer personal trainings and classroom events as well.
Check out what is there for you and how you can benefit from this service.

Plexpert Studios


No matter if you are a designer, mold maker or molder.
We all need to communicate our skills and capabilities to others.
In this way, we expand our brand awareness and find new customers.
We will find the right words, images and animations for you and your company.
In doing so, we draw on a pool that has grown over the years and our knowledge of the industry.
Continue reading to find out what opportunities are available for you.


PLEXPERT is a multinational company with experts from all fields of the plastic industry.
Our products and services are offered to companies worldwide.

You can use knowledge that has been built up in many years of practical experience and has been sharpened in countless research projects.
Save valuable ressources and make your life easier with products and services developed from users for users.

We are part of a strong network and are proud to introduce our partners to you.

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