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Understanding Injection Molding

Simulation – Evaluation – Implementation – Validation
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We perform meaningful FEM simulations
as experts in the field of plastic technology.

With this, we evaluate the:

• Quality of part filling
• Efficiency of mold cooling
• Cause of warpage
• Existing stress within a part or assembly
• Deformation under a given load


Our simulation shows valuable potentials
that you can use in your part and mold design.

• Secure filling of the cavity
• Knowledge about weld lines and air traps
• Maximum packing time
• Perfect cooling
• Minimal part warpage

First results after 1-2 working days


The daily demands on each of us are becoming increasingly complex.
To make our life easier is the driving force of all practical applications developed at PLEXPERT.

A high level of transparency in data acquisition and processing is one advantage our products offer.

Find out more about recommended products for the plastic industry to save time and money.



IR-ThermalSystem means the integration of an infrared camera
into the injection molding process.

• Optimize cycle time
• Check part filling (flashing, short shot)
• Identify hot spots
• Control the cooling system
• Reduce scrap
• Document your process

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Injection Molding Guide

The most important process in injection molding is the setup of the mold.
The Injection Molding Guide standardized, digitized and optimize this process.
All necessary documents are centrally recorded in one database.
Numerous assistants and the Injection Molding Doctor support the user in his work and ensure best performance.



Check a selection of Online Courses and Digital Training developed by experts in plastic industry. These courses, from different companies on topics related to plastics technology, are available online at any time.

• Knowledge presented as audio, video and text easily understandable
• Always available for your computer or mobile.
• After completion of the course, remaining reference guide
• Additional background information embedded in the text
• Certificate of participation after passing the test


Our PLEXPERT Xplain seminars are practice-oriented and focus on integrating new knowledge into existing processes. In groups up to four participants, knowledge is conveyed efficiently and quickly.

In the seminar, we use practical examples to show what is helpful and what advantages result for the daily work.
The seminars are held either on site or in one of our training rooms.

Glossary of Plastic Industry

A free reference book for terms and definitions in plastics industry.
Pictures and further links explain concepts simply and clearly.


PLEXPERT is a multinational company with experts from all fields of the plastic industry. Our products and services are offered to companies worldwide.

Our knowledge is based on countless years of practical experience and regularly done research projects. They help understanding the process and leading to the development of future oriented solutions. Our main focus on all of our research and development projects is to save resources and make future work simple and easy.

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