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Plastics CO2e App
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Plastics CO2e

If we take a look to a plastic part we might wonder what factors influence the CO2e footprint. It all starts with the design of the plastic part of course.

At this stage the needed amount of material as well as the wall thickness of the part play one of the most important role.
Later in mold design the number of cavities, estimated cooling time as well as the cooling and runner system need to be considered.

Plexpert Simulation

Plastics SIM

While creating new plastic parts or designing molds to produce them, many small questions will raise during the day.
Some are simple, like how many mm has one inch? Others are more complex since a decision needs to be made to buy a hot runner system or use a cold runner instead.
And sometimes one just needs a little help to interpret a color code in the CAD model correctly.

In order to support the daily work of part and mold designers the application is divided in five main areas.

Plexpert Simulation

Plastics View Eye

It’s a glance into the future of work. With the smart glasses a new human – machine interface is available.
On the shop floor one can get information about a current process that is running on a machine.
If a defect on a part is found possible solutions will be shown on the smart glasses.
Besides messages like ‘Dryer finished’, ‘Machine xy stand still’, ‘You have a meeting’, etc. will be shown in the glasses as well.
This application works perfectly together with Xmold as well as InMold Solver.
Learn more and visit the google play store.
Plexpert Simulation

QR Code Xpert Scanner

From an industrial shop floor to a casual use, barcodes and QR codes become more and more popular and more necessary.
Even though a large number of QR code scanners are available, this one comes without any advertising.
The scanner can be used for any codes and is completely free of charge.
In combination with Xmold Software, there is an additional plus.
If the link to the Xmold server is given, mold details will be visualized by scanning a code of a mold.
The application can be found on the google play store and will work on any smart phone with Android 7.1 or higher.

Plexpert Simulation


Connect your existing scale to a computer and run this free software.
Xscale will make your scale into a valuable tool on the shop floor.
Therefore, it will allow you to:
• Proportion master batch
• Find best packing time
• Control part weight in production
• Mix color components
• Determine number of parts
• Prepare shipping
Please note: You can use a DIO44 to send alerts if the part weight in production violate previously set limits.

Plexpert Simulation

Injection Molding Guide (IMG) 2.0

The set up of a mold will become a structured and comprehensible process.
There is a guided ten-step plan supported by Wizards that leads to the best settings of the machine.
With this software, the master data needed in front of the injection machine will be only a finger tip away, so this can be loaded directly from a central database.

With IMG 2.0, mold set up, as well as serial production, will be digitized and properly documented.

Plexpert Simulation


As a leading simulation software, Moldex3D will empower you to do your own full 3D filling, cooling and warpage simulation. With this, you can identify potential problems and you can eliminate them in time.
The software is customizable from a base start package up to a very high end full scale simulation of MuCell or other processes.

Start now and become your own simulation expert.

Plexpert Simulation

InMold Solver

Identify injection molding defects and find best practice solutions to solve them.
All available information can accessed anywhere within the company network.
Adding own information will grow the central database and keep know how inside of the company.
With the integrated guide, defects will be eliminated step-by-step.
Please note that it the InMold Solver is running on your internal network it can be used from any other Plexpert product as well.

Please note:
• InMold Solver can be connected with Xmold to share data



Temperature is an important key figure to determine part quality.
IR-ThermalSystem is used to record the surface temperature of a part from one shot to another.
This is done with an infrared camera that is inline with the process.
With the collected data you can do the following and more:
• find the best cycle time
• identify hot spots
• record the proper work of the cooling system
• check the insulation of a hot runner system
It’s a new way of looking at the injection molding process and read the thermal imprint of the mold.
Let’s go into details…


DIO44 / DIO55

Communication between different devices is part of any automation.
With the DIO44 or DIO55 you will get an easy to use hardware for deeper integration of available systems.
As an example, you can connect IR-ThermalSystem with an injection molding machine or a robot to communicate about good and bad parts.
Or you can use the DIO to receive digital information from an injection molding machine and feed a shop floor management system.

The DIO modules can be used for example with:
• Xscale
• IR-ThermalSystem
• Xmold


This is the first step from simulation to industrialization.
Of course, we can create a prototype for you based on CAD data.
But we go one step further and provide you with a prototype based on the simulation results.
The special thing about this is that you will get a part including shrinkage and warpage as it will be seen after injection molding.
We deliver the prototype parts as FDM, photopolymer (Resin) or PU part (vacuum casting).
Do the first step into fabrication.