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Xscale – Integrate scales in the production

In addition to temperature, weight plays a major role in plastics processing.

Therefore, we at PLEXPERT have developed the free scale program „Xscale“.

This is the best way to integrate the scale into the production process in order to quickly perform all weight-related tasks in the injection molding shop.

The functions include:

– calculate and weigh the amount of masterbatch needed for a given production.

– document the maximum packing time you can set to produce a specific plastic part.

– control and document the part weight within the process from one cycle to another.

– calculate and control the mixing ratio for two or three components and mix them correctly.

– count a given amount of parts through their total weight.

With our free e-learning course on the software, you will learn how to use Xscale quickly and easily and get the most out of it.